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Mechanical Piping Modifications

Project overview

A platinum and palladium mine located in south central Montana expanded production and needed to increase the sulfuric acid injection to control the pH buffering of the system.


The client requested the installation of two new sulfuric acid injection points, which required the installation of 200 lineal feet of stainless-steel piping as well as supply tanks and chemical metering pumps. In addition to the piping, a structural access platform was fabricated and constructed on site.

By offering integrated services of structural fabrication and piping installation, Montana Ironworks was able to control the project schedule for procurement, fabrication and installation.

Coordination of this project included working with the mine operations and environmental teams to ensure there was little to no impacts on operations.

This work was performed while the facility maintained production with no effect on operations. Montana Ironworks procured and installed materials in a timely manner to meet the client’s schedule. This project was completed safely on time and on budget.

Why montana ironworks

Mechanical maintenance planners, engineers, and project managers know that experience counts when it comes to industrial construction and maintenance. When you partner with us, you get proven experience, clear communication, no-nonsense project management, and an unwavering focus on safety and quality. These values are integrated into every step of our process and are the first steps in governing how projects move forward from concept through execution.

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