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Safety, quality, and on-time delivery: the Montana Ironworks difference

Every day, we work with all types of industrial customers, including petrochemical plants, mines, oil and gas operations, trucking companies, railroads and heavy construction crews. Our team is highly trained, and certified, and has the experience to handle industrial pipe and structural fabrication for new construction, large scale repairs, and ongoing maintenance.

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Turn times You Can Count On

Turn times You Can Count On

Your business relies on dependable turn times. You need vendors you can count on to deliver what they promised, when they promised. While we have the capabilities to partner with large companies on big projects, we are dynamic enough to immediately respond to customer needs, course correct on the fly, and reduce deliverable times through our hands-on project management.

A Culture of Safety

At Montana Ironworks, we’ve never missed a day due to an accident. We have developed a very strong safety culture both through external training programs such as CSTOP and through internal training on industry-standard safety measures. We also send our team members to any recommended customer-specific training. Every project—and every task transition on that project—begins with a job safety analysis to identify and address potential safety concerns.

Commitment to Quality

There are certain non-negotiables at Montana Ironworks—and quality is one of them. We take great pride in delivering the kind of experience, expertise and craftsmanship you’d expect from a large, Gulf Coast-based shop. We bring those capabilities right here to the Northwest. We believe quality improves with fewer degrees of separation; that’s why you always have direct access to the person overseeing your job. You can have complete confidence that the work will be done correctly, to your specifications.

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Quality Control and Assurance

Quality Control and Assurance

At Montana Ironworks, our commitment to quality begins with our most important asset: our highly skilled and qualified staff. Our team has the combined experience of over 90 years. We are familiar with the demanding stress placed on fabrication within the railroad industry, we use only the highest quality materials, and we closely monitor our processes to ensure that every product we deliver meets required specifications.

Liability Protection

Your staff members are experts in operating a railroad, we are experts in fabrication. This means that we provide a very high level of quality because we specialize in one area. It also means decreased liability for you. There are many driving factors behind companies’ increased use of third-party vendors when it comes to steel fabrication, improved liability protection is near the top of the list.

Fast, Responsive Customer Service

Our projects don’t end when the product leaves the fabrication shop. One reason Montana Ironworks is different is that we make sure our products are installed to spec and that our customers are satisfied with our work. When you have a question or concern, we’re right here, not across the country. Responsive customer service is a value we embrace.

Smart solutions for mining customers

We go above and beyond offering steel fabrication services and actually provide end-to-end business solutions for the mining industry. Sure, we can repair buckets and chutes and reverse-engineer replacement parts, but we do much more than that; we protect your bottom line, we manage your exposure to risk, and we reduce your overhead expenses. These are value-added services we have the capability to bring to the mining, rock quarry, factory, and heavy equipment industries.

Improved Delivery Times

We can prevent the bottlenecks so common in the mining industry because we have the ability to fabricate parts and make repairs on location. On the other hand, if you need free shop space or would prefer to have us work off-site for any reason, we have a fully equipped, state of the art shop. Either way, it means no prolonged shipping dates, no delayed turnarounds, and no headaches.

Risk Management

More and more, mining operations are turning to outside companies for steel fabrication services. Montana Ironworks provides you with the capable manpower to meet your deadlines, keep up with maintenance, and allow for expansion projects. This means you’re maximizing your manpower in operations. Our highly capable staff of certified fabricators will quickly solve your problems—allowing you to continue operating efficiently.

Reduced Overhead

Outsourcing makes sense from another key business metric: overhead expenses. In all kinds of industries—mining included—companies are constantly utilizing contractors to meet project specific needs and avoid having under-utilized manpower after the project is complete. Outsourcing repairs and maintenance is an easy first place to look when implementing cost cutting measures. Talk to us about how we can offset your expenses and supplement your staffing.

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Mechanical maintenance planners, engineers, and project managers know that experience counts when it comes to industrial construction and maintenance. When you partner with us, you get proven experience, clear communication, no-nonsense project management, and an unwavering focus on safety and quality. These values are integrated into every step of our process and are the first steps in governing how projects move forward from concept through execution.

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